10 Ways to Make Your Customers Actually Read Your Email Messages

Email marketing is a very profitable business endeavor in that it allows you to keep in touch with your contacts.

However, it takes a bit of work and insight if you if you want to avoid some of the roadblocks that come with marketing.

And one obstacle you must overcome is your recipients’ spam filter. That is, your readers’ spam folder.

Here are 10 things you can do that will get customers to actually read your messages and help your emails land in your prospect’s inbox instead.

1. Use white space  in your subject line for effect. Just add a few more blank spaces between your letters and words.

2. Combine your capital letters with lower case letters. Use all caps in every other word. You should also use a capital letter between every two lower case letters.

3. Add text symbols to your subject line. Use them between letters and between words. Start and end your subject line with a text symbol.

4. Start your subject line with “STOP!”. We have been taught our whole life to stop whatever we’re doing when we see that word.

5. Ask a question in your subject line. We all attended school and were  branded repeatedly to simply answer questions.

6. Use “FREE” in the subject line. Your offer should attract your target audience. It might include free software, information or trials.

7. Begin your subject line with a smile.  People who are offline use smiles in order to attract another person’s attention or to gain their trust.  So you can just use it online in order to get the same effect.

8. Never use claims that are unbelievable in the subject line. Most people probably know someone else who has been scammed. And this has prompted them to ignore “outrageous” claims.

9. Never use all caps in your subject line. All caps are very hard to read. Besides that, it is unprofessional.  And it’s regarded as “shouting” on the internet.

10. Test various subject lines to determine which ones drive the greatest amount of traffic to your site.  And you should also read the FAQ section prior to posting your ad or message anywhere.

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