11 Ways An Email List Autoresponder Saves You Time and Money

If you want to grow a successful online business, you must have a method for corresponding with your customers.

The most effective way to accomplish this is to use an autoresponder to send out
a set of pre-written emails to your readers at pre-set intervals.

An autoresponder will work for you around the clock,  and reaches your entire mailing list with your offers, content and promotions.

But that’s not all…

Here are 11 ways an autoresponder saves you time and money.

1. It saves you time. 
Autoresponders can drastically reduce your work load. Instead
of answering the same questions over and over, your autoresponder will do the work for you. You simply create a “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ) sheet and load it into your autoresponder.


2.  It saves you money.  Forget hiring an assistant to follow up and send out your information. Just hire an autoreponder.  It never complains.  It works twenty-four
hours a day, seven days a week…  And it never calls in sick.


3. It helps you make more money. Since the majority of your prospects won’t make a
purchase from the first contact, you need to follow up with them until it’s the right
time in THEIR lives to make a purchase. If you drop the ball and don’t follow-up
on a consistent and timely basis, chances are, your competition will.

When it comes time for your prospect to make a purchase, your prospects will most likely buy from a company they are familiar with. Your follow-up messages build that familiarity.


4. It increases your professional image. You reduce the possibility of
making mistakes by sending the wrong information to the wrong person.
When someone wants specific information all they have to do is subscribe
through your squeeze page and they get the correct information every time.


5. It gives you flexibility. You aren’t “chained” to your computer 24 hours a day
in order to answer people’s queries in a timely fashion. Your customers and
prospects  get their questions answered within seconds of subscribing.


6. It gives you more free time. By automating the mundane
functions of your business, it gives you more time to concentrate on
other areas. Areas like going to the beach or for a round of golf 😉


7. It leverages your time. Write your messages once and benefit for years. If
you really want to leverage your time, get yourself the package of 52
professionally pre-written autoresponder messages from: HERE – All you
have to do is personalize them.

8. It builds trust.
Your prospects and customers develop a feeling of trust for
you, your business, and your website. They see that you are interested in
them and that makes a big difference when it comes to the sales process.


9. It enhances your image. Your target market sees you and your business
as someone they feel comfortable doing business with because you have
given them valuable information. This image can’t be bought, it’s priceless.

10. It brands you and your business.
Corporate branding is an industry buzz word
that has grown in popularity in recent years. Your branding is based on your image and
the way people see you and your business. Using your autoresponder to brand
yourself is one of the least expensive avenues to building your positive image.


11. It builds an opt-in list for your prospects. The most obvious, tangible benefit, in addition to sales, is your opt-in list. The people who are subscribing to your autoresponders are hot prospects. The bigger your opt-in list the more sales you make. It’s simple math.


And the best part of all is that once you have written your messages and loaded
them into your autoresponder, your work is done. You have just put a large segment of your marketing efforts on auto-pilot.

Copyright 2017  Mike Griffith All rights reserved.


Your partner in success,

Mike Griffith


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