15 Ways To Build Your Email List and Boost Traffic To Any Website

In a previous article, I reviewed 15 methods to build your email list and boost traffic to your website. This time I’v got another 15 FREE and almost FREE techniques to do the same. Use all of these effective techniques and watch your list and your sales skyrocket!

1. Offer a discounted product. Discounted products attract tons of traffic. Take one of your best selling products and slash the price as low as you can and still make a small profit.

Your smaller profit will be offset with a larger volume of sales. Even if you don’t make a lot of money on this one off promotion, you introduce more people to your products and services and can contact them later to make more profitable sales.

2. Give your product away! Although it sounds crazy at first, it makes a lot of sense. The best example of this technique is used in the software industry. Adobe Acrobat Reader, Win Zip, and Group Mail all give away a free version of their software.

After you have used the product and have a good feel for the ‘inner workings,’ you probably want to upgrade to a more deluxe version. Your upgrade is where the company makes money.

This is also an effective technique used by affiliate programs. You sign up as a free affiliate and are then shown the benefits of upgrading to a paid member.

3. Mail Again. Send your list a second chance offer by re-mailing them. Statistics show that your same offer that you mail today, will achieve approximately 70% of its original success on the second mailing. Remember, it takes about 6 or 7 impressions before you realize a sale from a particular prospect.

If you want to automate this process, just load a series of emails into an autoresponder and your re-mail marketing is done for you. Make sure you load several different offers into your autoreponder. You don’t want to keep sending the same offer over and over and over 🙂

4. Use bullets and numbers. List the benefits and features in your sales package. It’s a lot quicker for your prospective customer to scan a list than it is for them to read a paragraph. You should also use these tips to make your email content more effective and “readable.”

5. Promotion warning. Give your customers an advanced warning about upcoming promotions. This creates a demand for your promotion even before it is released. You also create a feeling of goodwill from your customers because you have shown them that they are important.

6. Ask customers for referrals. The best type of advertising is word of mouth. Place a referral form on your site where customers can give you their friend’s names and email addresses.

In return, you will give your customer a special bonus and send an email to their friends on their behalf. The email you send must include a very special offer and refer to the customer that gave you the contact.

7. Rename things. Give standard items a new name and prospects will respond. If you ask a prospect to subscribe to your online magazine, or digital magazine, your subscriber rate will increase faster than referring to your publication as an ezine.

8. Double your offer. Instead of offering one item at a special price, offer two. On average, the extra item brings in an additional 45% more sales.

9. Bonus value. It is common to offer FREE bonuses with every purchase on the WWW. If you don’t offer free bonuses you are losing sales. FREE bonuses are part of the internet culture. Since everyone offers FREE bonuses, make yours stand out by giving it a price value. Instead of offering a FREE ebook, offer a FREE ebook worth $29.99.

10. Exchange ads. If you’re publishing an ezine, just trade ads with another ezine publisher, and this will boost your exposure..

11. Make your USP clear to your reader. What is it that sets your business apart from competitors? Your Unique Selling Point will provide your with a a reason for purchasing your product or service rather than your competitor’s.  Are your products better, faster or cheaper than theirs? Every business must have a Unique Selling Point. Make sure you make yours clear.

12. Use Testimonials. The opinions of your customers  worth gold, especially if they write them down. Include testimonials from satisfied customers in all of your promotional material. This technique gives your product or service more credibility in the eyes of your prospects.

13. Pre-sell. If you are introducing a new product, ask your customers for their opinion a few weeks before the product is released. This gives you time to tweek and polish the product to perfection before its release. When your product is released, you can send the customers who have responded with suggestions a special discount on the product as a thank you for their help.

14. Test your list. Send a trial offer to a percentage of your mailing list. From the response, you can gauge whether to roll out the offer to your entire list or rework the details and try again. Testing saves you money and increases your sales by giving you feedback in small blocks before you use up your whole database.

15. Keep it short and to the point. Make sure all your emails short and pointed. Readers will often delete long emails are often deleted before they even read them. In order to give detailed information, hook your prospect with a short email. Then invite your readers to visit your website for all the details.

And there you have it, the complete set of 30 award winning techniques to boost your sales. Implementing just a few of these techniques will increase your sales. Imagine if you implemented them all!

I wish you much success with all of your marketing.


Your partner in success,

Mike Griffith




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