7 Headlines That Will Energize Your Email Content and Website Copy

Writing Effective Headlines

You need a headline in all your marketing tools, no matter what you’re selling. A headline gets attention, makes your messages easier to read, highlights your major selling points and prompts your reader to take action.

You can use short two or three word headlines in your classified ads. You can also use a headline liberally to get your main selling point across without having to spend all your time online.

A headline range from newspaper can range from a hit-you-in-the face type to a more subtle one that doesn’t appear to be a headline. A direct sales letter could have your headline in all caps, like:


your headline could also contain less obvious wording, one that resembles an important paragraph at the start of your letter:

“Here is something you will be interested in. I have six ways to cut your costs by 30%.”

Your headline will attract attention if it satisfies the interest of your reader.  Your headline can be used to bring attention to a problem your reader might have or anything you believe he may feel strongly about.

A headline is not the place for you to list your product or service features. Rather, the headline is where you list the main benefit of your product.

Studies have shown that a headline gets much better results if you enclose it in a quotation mark like the above examples. It’s a great technique to use in your website copy.

Seven Proven Headlines

Over the years copywriting pros have developed a number of headline formulas that just about always work exceptionally well. You should test these formulas using the benefits that your business provides.

Following are seven headlines that will energize your website copy and email content…

1. Ask a Question. “Are you concerned about filing your income tax return this year?” A headline with a question always “forces” the reader to answer it in their mind.

This method quickly gets your prospect involved in reading your message. Many of your readers will continue to read into your email message, website copy or ad ad copy just to see what your answer or solution will be.

2. Begin your headline with “How to.” “How to buy a boat without getting a lemon.” “How-to” headlines are very effective. Many of my articles begin with “how to.”

People love info that will show them how to do something that’s of value to them. It works great for letters and reports.

3. Use testimonials.  A satisfied customer’s recommendation goes a long way when it comes to convincing other people to purchase your product or service. “This product really works! I am now happy and stress free. Freeport, TX.”

Always use your customer’s full name and the name of the city where they live.  Some readers will not believe a testimonial if it’s difficult to determine who the author is.  “M.A.,LA” is not nearly as effective as “Thomas Smith-Summerville, LA.”

4. Issue commands. Some effective headlines tell readers to “Aim For the Sky” or “Put a tiger in thetank.” Make your most important benefit a forceful headline. “Stop running through life.” “Make more money this week.” “Feel better about yourself.”

5. Important news makes an excellent headline.  News items work great for big changes in your business or when introducing a new product. “Roland Wilson is our new CEO with a magnetic vision for the future.”

“Southwest Incorporated introduces the new professional web site forms in 30 minutes.”

6. Deadlines for special offers. Most people are just too busy, and  therefore tend to put off important tasks. If you can’t get your prospects to act NOW, you could lose them forever.

A deadlines encourages people to act when their interest is at it’s highest point. “Save %50 Now!” and “Get 30% More If You Buy It Today!” These offers increase customer response — and sales.

7. A FREE offer usually gets the best response.FREE report on boosting web site sales” is a very effective technique for to getting lots of interested prospects.

There’s a myth that says professional clients are “turned of”f by FREE offers. That isn’t true. You should simply customize your free offer to match your customer’s style. A subtle headline might say “Free initial consultation” or “a bonus Wordplay per package.”

Customers are in a rush for some reason. They are constantly bombarded with mounds of letters, ads, postcards and commercials all day.

They have to skip or “tune out” anything they feel might take up too much of their time, or anything that might be too hard to “figure out.”

A headline simplifies things. A reader wants to be able to scan your page and quickly determine what you’re offering. Once your prospect is convinced that you’re offering
something of interest, they will spend more time reading your entire content.

Use “spicy” headlines that have plenty action words like feel, act, save and do.  Omit words that are unnecessary. Place a subheading in your copy to break up long stretches of text.

If you have someone else writing for you, share these headline ideas with them. In our hustle-bustle world, a good headline makes your sales materials stand out from the crowd.

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