9 Questions You Should Ask Before Choosing a Website Builder

Not all website building services are created equal. When choosing a website builder, you need a service that allows you to do it simply and easily. You need a company that can provide you with a custom domain name.

And you need a service that will allow you to get your site quickly listed on top search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

With that in mind, here are 9 specific questions you should ask before choosing a website builder to promote your business.

1. Does your website building service offer a free building and hosting service?
This is very important because a free service will give you time to become familiar with the various tools and functions associated with building your website. A free service also allows you to get valuable experience without having to pay anything out of pocket. That’s why it’s very important for you to choose a company that offers a free website builder.

2.  Can You Get All The Services You Need In One Place?
When it comes to choosing the best website builder, your website hosting service must provide you with all the services you need for building your site—all in one place. That includes hosting, a domain name registration that will allow your website to be online in just minutes, and free design tools – everything you need to build and subsequently drive massive traffic to your website.

3.  Are their building tools simple and easy to use?
The website builder you choose must provide you with an easy to use drag and drop website builder and a host of templates to get you started. Drag and drop website tools allow you to build your site with very little effort and without having to learn complicated html code.

Some website builders still have old technology that imposes strict limitations on the way you can design your page layout. Again, that’s why you need a service with coding techniques that allow you to drag and drop objects exactly where you want them to be displayed on your page. This allows you to create truly unique layouts that are limited by only your imagination.

4.  Can You Add Your Own Custom Domain Name?
As I stated above, the website builder you choose must allow you to register your very own web address or domain name and have it automatically and instantly configured to work live on the web — with your website.

5.  How Versatile Is This Website Builder?
Your website builder should allow you to perform a variety of functions.

For example, you should be able to:

*Submit your site to Google and optimizing your website for mobile


*Share and sell music online*Create videos and photo galleries

*Create modern designs with photo backgrounds

*Create contact and order forms

*Add a guestbook to your site

*Use “drag and drop” editing

*Add interactive apps and widgets

*Share your updates straight from your website to social networks

6.  Does the service offer email and autoresponder service?
If you’re running a business you will no doubt need a professional email address and an autoresponder that will handle– and allow you to build– your customer list. Do not choose a website builder that does not offer this service.

7.  Are you allowed to interface with Social Media and YouTube?
A good website builder will allow you to search from the millions of videos on YouTube and place them directly onto the pages of your website in just a few clicks.  It will also help you gain followers and publish content directly from your website to Twitter, and add Facebook-Like Buttons and Comment Boxes that will allow you to instantly integrate Facebook widgets with your website.

8.  Does the company have excellent customer service?
When building your own website you will have questions from time to time. That’s why you must have a company that is super responsive to your questions, comments and suggestions.
You need a company that is easy to contact by phone, email and by using their support contact page.  And when you call you need to be able to speak to a real web expert who understands your problem and exactly what is required to get your website “up and running.”

9.  Does your service provide a variety of services with affordable upgrade prices?

The company you choose to host your website must charge an upgrade fee that will fit your budget. PERIOD. If (after doing your due diligence in comparing prices vs services offered) you feel the monthly fee for their upgraded services is beyond your budget, simply choose a service that you can afford.

There are a host of website builders on the Internet that provide website building and hosting services. And all of them say basically the same thing:  “We are the best. Choose us!” And after trying most of them over the last 15 years, there is one service I use when it comes to choosing a website builder. You can click here to check it out.

To Your Success,
Mike Griffith

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