How to Build Your List With Massive Amounts of Traffic From LinkedIn

In this short article I am going to talk about how to build your list and  tap into massive amounts of traffic from LinkedIn.

You probably already know what an enormous impact social media has on websites, and the additional traffic you get with a carefully planned  strategy. It’s no different with LinkedIn, even though it may be a bit more challenging  than social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Your first step is to create a LinkedIn company page, if you don’t have one already. It’s simple to install.

The same way you share your daily posts on Twitter and Facebook… that’s the same way you would do it on LinkedIn.

One excellent feature of LinkedIn is its ability to share your company’s content with a diverse audience. You can create your own group, like Marketing, for example, if that happens to be. your Niche.

Sign up for other other groups that are relevant to your business and your readers will follow your group and will respond to the quality content that you’re providing for them.

You should always produce top quality content as much as possible. This drives high- quality prospects to your site  — but only if your content provides value and interest to your readers.

It’s crucial that you post job openings your company offers on LinkedIn This will significantly  increase interest in your followers.

Use Twitter and Facebook to cross-promote and ask those who are following you to also follow your LinkedIn page. That exposes you to an even larger audience.

If your company is large and you have many employees, you should ask them to join LinkedIn and link the company’s website to your profile.

These employees will then make their own connections and will automatically expose you to a larger audience via your connections.  If your employees even share a small idea with your company, the person reading it will be directed back to your site via their profile!

An active and complete company profile benefits your business, your offers, and your products and services. Updating it regularly with exposure opportunities increases your chances of making a sale.

Your LinkedIn Page Insights is another great way to find out how well your company trends on LinkedIn.

Stats like Post Engagements, Page Clicks, Unique Visitors, and Page Views are some of the few statistics available to you.

Other important data includes your visitors’ status.  For instance, company size, seniority, industry, region, and more. Using the above techniques will ensures that your website will receive the valuable exposure you want.

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