Car Passing By The Lemonade Girl — A Lesson On How to Explode Your Website Traffic

Take a lesson from the lemonade girl


One hot summer day I was driving around running errands and taking in the beautiful North Texas landscape.

Here in Texas, many children setup the classic lemonade stands, and I sometimes stop for a cup to patronize and encourage them.

Most of them use the same white construction board sign duct- taped to the front of their table reading “Fresh Lemonade 50 Cents” in black marker.

As I passed many of these stands, didn’t bother to stop because I already had a cold drink with me.

But as I was coming to a stop light I saw a young girl, probably 8 or 9 years old, standing near the side of the road. She was waving a  pink construction board sign with flashing Christmas lights running around the outer edge of the sign.

The light changed,  and almost every car that passed slowed down to read the sign, that said  “Cool Off With Lemonade, Fresh Squeezed Right In Front Of You!”  written with a red marker. Many of them, including me, stopped to get a cup of the refreshing stuff.

I was amazed at the wizardry of this young girl.

I walked up to the table to get a cup of lemonade– and I actually had to wait in line! I was awe struck simply watching the young girl as she worked her magic with her customers. “Do you like your lemonade sweet or sour?”

As I walked up to the table she looked up and smiled.  “Do you like your lemonade sweet or sour?”

“A cup of sweet lemonade please”, I responded. She quickly grabbed a ripe lemon from the cardboard box, gently laid it on a small cutting board and sliced it right down the middle with a small steak knife.

Then she picked up one of the lemon halves and pressed it with a twisting motion into her juicing wedge, then did  the same with three more halves.

Then she carefully scooped 3 spoons of sugar into my cup, stirred it with the spoon, dropped in three cubes of ice and said, “That will be $1.00 please.”

As I searched my pocket for four quarters, I asked her, “What gave you the idea of creating such a bright sign and such and catchy headline?”

She quickly replied, “I had a white sign with “Lemonade $1″ written on it taped the front of my table. But no one stopped, so I asked my mom to get me a pink construction board, I then took some Christmas lights and placed them around the edge of the table. Then I wrote the message that I would squeeze it right in front of you, because that’s what I was already doing.”

“I then  removed the price because my mom said it was too high. I thought if I could get people to stop, they would pay my price if I squeezed their lemons right in front of them and then ask for the dollar. So I just waved the sign to make sure people passing by could see it.”

I said, “That’s great, keep up the good work.”

“I will,” she replied.  “Hope to see you again.”

I began thinking about this whole situation for a minute as I watched the line of people waiting for their “Lemonade Fresh Squeezed Right In Front Of Them.” I watched as even more people began to pull over for a cup. Seeing this long line of customers, they were surely thinking to themselves, “That lemonade must be pretty good.”

What is the genius of this young Marketing Mastermind?

First of all, she started a business, selling lemonade..

When she saw that she wasn’t selling much, she re-set her efforts and got some pink construction paper and added Christmas lights, which drew the peoples’ attention to her headline, which catered to the people burning up in their cars –“Cool Off. to read her headline that did nothing but convey something everyone in a car burning up wanted, to “Cool Off.”

Then she added something that was even more enticing… “Fresh Squeezed Right In Front Of You.”

She merely voiced a solution to a problem people already knew that they had, and made it personal — and enticing.  She added the word “You” to it, suggesting that she was talking to each one of them individually.

This story should help you to see the simplicity of starting your own business, tweaking your sales message to entice customers, and then providing a service that will make them remember you and return for more.

It’s obvious that many of the people who bought a cup of lemonade from this little girl will let their friends know about their experience and urge them to visit this little lemonade stand.

What does she do when the line of customers dies down? She picks up her sign, waves it around, and starts a commotion that causes even more people to stop.

Are you beginning to notice what she did to get people to stop…and how she closed the sale?

1. Her Headline – Actually, this is the first headline, even though it contains no words because it “grabs” the attention of the people as she waves it around.

2. The Sales Message– This is the sales message that offered a solution to an existing problem that everyone had in common– cooling off.

3. The Close – She supplies your needs by asking “Do you like your lemonade sweet or sour?”  She then squeezes the lemonade right in front of you.

4. The call to action – “That will be $1.00 sir”. This is an excellent call to action. It leaves no room for anything except to pay the dollar. The people waited in line, which created a burning desire, while watching other people getting their fresh squeezed lemonade. They’re certainly not going to say “A Dollar? No way, I’m outta here”.

That is the sales pattern she put together… and it’s pure genius.

Here’s some more strategies she used…

Instant Credibility – She boosted her credibility by having a long line of customers, which motivated other customers to stop and see what all the fuss was about.

Viral Marketing – Her customers definitely will remember this original experience, and they’ll tell their friends, which will make them want to check it out next time they’re in that part of town.

Great Customer Service – She was polite when she asked, “Do you like your lemonade sweet or sour?”

Increased Value – She assembled my glass of lemonade right in front of me with fresh ingredients, which made me feel like I was getting real value.  A that was before I even know the price.

I could list 100 more strategies, but you get the point. Can you see now how you can apply the strategies of “Cars Passing By The Lemonade Girl.”

Take note of this information. It’s the key to business success and makes you focus your efforts on your customers, satisfying their needs and tweaking, testing and
creating a solid relationship with your clients.

Your partner in success,
Mike Griffith




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