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How to Build Your List With Massive Amounts of Traffic From LinkedIn

In this short article I am going to talk about how to build your list and  tap into massive amounts of traffic from LinkedIn. You probably already know what an enormous impact social media has on websites, and the additional traffic you get with a carefully planned  strategy. It’s no different with LinkedIn, even though it may be a bit more challenging  than social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Your first step is to create a LinkedIn company page, if you don’t have one already. It’s simple to […]

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15 Ways To Build Your Email List and Boost Traffic To Any Website

In a previous article, I reviewed 15 methods to build your email list and boost traffic to your website. This time I’v got another 15 FREE and almost FREE techniques to do the same. Use all of these effective techniques and watch your list and your sales skyrocket! 1. Offer a discounted product. Discounted products attract tons of traffic. Take one of your best selling products and slash the price as low as you can and still make a small profit. Your smaller profit will be offset with […]

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How To Build Your List And Generate More Traffic With Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is an extremely effective way to build your list and generate more traffic for your website. The best thing about creating a good viral campaign is that once set in motion it will spread exponentially with little effort on your part. If you have ever shared a funny picture or captivating video you found online with a friend, then you have been a participant in this type of marketing without even realizing it. With viral marketing, you simply send out your marketing message in a […]

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5 Tips For Creating Quality Content For Your Email Messages

When it comes to sending emails to your list, you want your content to be something that will hold your readers’ attention. You also want to provide them with something they can identify with and something that will help them accomplish their goal. Of course, you also want to send them something that will not end up in their spam folder, but that’s the subject of another article. In this article I will discuss 5 tips for creating quality content for your email list. 1.  Use Correct […]

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Setting up an Opt-in Form

optin form

Now that we have discussed how to select an autoresponder, we can move on to setting up an opt-in form. An opt-in form is what you will use to capture your leads. You may have visited a site recently and noticed a pop-up form or even a form that has been strategically placed on the website encouraging visitors to join their mailing list. That form you encountered is the opt-in form. When a user fills out your form and decides to opt-in, they are giving you permission […]

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