How To Use Mini Sites To Build Your List And Generate Highly Targeted Sales

If you’re seeking an effective way to increase your Internet sales, your answer could be mini-sites.  Mini-sites constitute the most effective marketing tool on the Internet.

Not only are they effective, they also are inexpensive and simple to create.

The concept is simple. Build a website with one or two pages that completely focuses on one specific topic. Everything within this page should have one purpose — to get your reader to respond.

You should design your page with standard HTML. Do not include Flash, and leave out any fancy plug-ins. Do not add any outside links or banners, or anything that distracts your readers’ attention.

The number one reason for a mini-sites is for attracting targeted traffic. For instance, if your website sells a number of products or services, an effective mini-site focuses on that one specific product or service.

You can create a mini-site for each product you offer.

Designing Your Mini-Site

You should optimize every mini-site for a specific product or service. Place your emphasis on as few keyword phrases as possible. This helps to focus on your targeted audience.
Keep in mind that a tighter target means more sales.

Your Title.  Your subject line should include the most relevant keywords. Since a mini-site focuses on only one product, you should put the most relevant keyword phrase in the number one position.

Don’t capitalize the first letter of the word. Just make it lowercase, because most people use all lowercase letters when they are searching. This helps you in rank higher on the Search Engine results for your particular audience.

Your Description. Focus your description on a single product. Do not generalize. Don’t forget to include the most relevant keywords near the beginning of the description.

Also, keep in mind that your description details your site. Your potential prospects should  know just what you are offering. Keep your description at 200 characters or less.

Your Keywords.  Don’t use a lot of keyword phrases.

Your Heading Tags. The search engines take note of the text that you display inside your “Heading” tags. Put the most relevant keyword phrases inside the “Heading” tag.

Your Alt Graphic Tags.  Put a keyword phrase inside the “Alt” tags.

YourText.  Concentrate all your content on your product. Do not add any filler text.  Your main purpose is to get your reader to take immediate action. Be sure to intersperse keyword phrases throughout your content.

You don’t have to limit your mini site to only your products. You can also use them with affiliate programs that you are promoting. And add a few extra “incentives” like free bonuses for buying your item.

How to Host Your Mini-Site

Even though it’s better to possess your own domain, mini sites can also be hosted on free servers and still get high search engine rankings. And some of these “free” servers include a free website builder.

Whichever option  you pick, don’t fortet you position your most relevant keyword phrase inside your web address.

Driving Targeted Traffic to YourWebsite

Once you finish testing your site’s effectiveness and obtained a great conversion rate,   you’re ready to buy pay-per-click targeted traffic.

The secret to using this technique effectively is bidding on “super” targeted keywords. This weeds out your “casual” visitors from your “target” audience. Why pay for visitors who were not really interested in the first place?

Use your creative abilities and make sure you test all your campaigns before spending a bunch of money. If you want to really increase sales, build a few mini-sites. They’re some of the easiest and cheapest generators of profit on the Internet.

Your partner in success,
Mike Griffith

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