Keywords And Phrases That Will Explode Your Email List

email subject lineWhy is it that one ad gets you to immediately purchase a product or service, while another don’t?

The secret is the copy.

If your copy is effective, it will move your reader to buy from you.

To simplify things for you, I have listed some very  motivating words and phrases  that are being used by copywriters today.  You can use this list to base your own collection on.

But always take note of ads that motivate you most and that would cause you to want to buy someone’s product or service. Make a list of phrases and words that motivate you.

Hot words that motivate

Attractive, Approved, Absolutely, amazing, better, bargain, breakthrough, big,  collossal, cash, complete, crammed, confidential, direct, delivered, discover discount,
easy, exciting, excellent, expert, exclusive, fascinating, famous, free, fortune, genuine, gift, gigantic, interesting, tested, superior, ultimate, sturdy, terrific, useful, select, unconditional, useful, wealth, you.

The word ‘You’ has always been the most effect word you could possibly use in your advertising copy. You should use it at least 4 times as you use “I.” Keep in mind that your readers are only interested in ‘What’s in it for me?’

Hot phrases that motivate

Be among the first 50 people to, Act now!,  Free details, Free Catalog, Free list, Send today, No obligation, Get your copy today, Extra bonus, Free gift with purchase, Free course.

The above lists only are the beginning. You can add them to your personal advertising file of motivating words and phrases. You will get better results from your ads and in turn will get a greater ROI (return on investment).

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