Tips For Writing Messages That Will Help Build Your Email List

If you want your online business to be successful, you must have a way to correspond with your customers.

The most effective way to do this is by using an autoresponder to send out a set of pre-written emails to your prospects at pre-set intervals.

Your autoresponder will work for you 24/7, reaching your entire mailing list with your content, your offers and your promotions. This is what you need when it comes to writing messages that will grow your email list.

And if used properly, your autoresponder can provide a major traffic and sales boost, no matter what business you’re in. In other words, your autoresponder messages are the most powerful tool you can use for turning prospects into buyers.

The biggest challenge you will face is deciding what to write in your email messages– and how to structure them. I will give you some tips on content later, but first let’s answer some basic questions…

Just What is an Autoresponder Anyway?

Simply stated, an autoresponder is a sequence of emails that you compose and send to a group of people on your email list. This autoresponder service is provided by email service providers such as Aweber and Get Response.

The most comprehensive provider of the two – and the one I use — is Aweber. For the beginner, they offer a truckload of email marketing training, including a free course on what to write in your emails.

An autoresponder allows you to automate your sales and your email marketing campaign, giving you time to concentrate on the most important aspects of your business operation.  You create your email content in advance, and the autoresponder allows you to send them out to your prospects at your specified time.

What Are The Functions of an Autoresponder?

An Autoresponder:

  • Lets you build and nurture a trust relationship with your prospects and ensures that they don’t forget about you.
  • Allows you to present your messages on a regular basis and provide your readers with the quality content they are seeking.
  • Converts your prospects into paying customers.
  • Allows you to make sales on autopilot.

So what should I include in my email messages?

  • Your goal should be to get acquainted with your audience and get them to see you as a trustworthy individual. Give them some insight into what kind of person you are and what your values are.
  • Ask stimulating questions. For instance, what are the major problems they are facing that are related to your businessAnd welcome their answers by email.
  • Include in your content your own personal story about how you got started, the challenges you faced and how you met those challenges.
  • Teach your audience. The only reason they are reading your email messages is because they need the information. They want to know what’s in it for them. They want to know how they can make their lives better. They want freedom from a JOB. Your challenge is to provide them with quality content that will help them reach their goals.
  • Always keep your promise. If you are offering them a free book or report, don’t direct them a sales page where they can buy the book.
  • Make an outline before you start writing your email messages. This will give you some sense of direction and help you when you actually begin to write your email messages.
  • Don’t try to please everybody. It’s impossible for you to write messages that everyone will like. Just do your best writing and stick to your goal of providing the information the people are looking for.
  • Don’t make your emails one big sales letter.  Remember, people want information that will help them meet their goals. It’s alright to add a few of your offers along with your information, but you will certainly lose your audience once they view your “messages” as one big sales pitch.

How do I create email messages that get results?

Here are a few things that have been successful for me in writing my autoresponder messages…

  1. Keep the Light on Your Reader Instead of Yourself. Instead of focusing on yourself and how good your product or service is, concentrate on the wants and needs of your audience. If you can keep this focus, your sales will come automatically.
  2. Focus on Benefits, Not Features. The customer is not as interested in your product’s features as they are in how they will benefit from using your product or service. They want to know “what’s in it for me?” Features are good, but don’t forget to show your readers how those features will help them reach their goals.
  3. Yes, Keep it Personal. When composing your messages, write as if you are writing to a good friend. That takes away the stress of trying to decide what to say, and how to say it. Yes, that means be informal.
  4. Add a “Call to Action” to Your Email Message. Don’t be shy here. Let your reader know exactly what it is you want him to do when he finishes reading your message. Do you want him to fill out a form? Buy your product? Send an email reply? Make sure you include your current contact information.
  5. Offer Information Your Readers Can Use. Make sure your information is related to the subject of your offer. I offer a free report in many of my emails. It provides information that is useful while directing their attention to the major product or service that I’m offering.
  6. Make Sure You Use Correct Grammar and Punctuation. People tend to question your professionalism and your sincerity when they come across your misspelled words or poorly punctuated sentences. If you need help in this area, get someone who is good at it.
  7. Keep it Legal and Above Board. Don’t advertise something you don’t intend to provide. And keep in mind that tax laws are different in different parts of the country. Consult with your attorney if you need help in this area.

Keep in mind that the only way to reach your marketing goals is to create quality content and persuasive messages for your email campaign.

What If I Don’t Have Time to Write My Own Email Messages… or What If I Just Don’t Like Writing?

If you don’t like to write, or if you don’t have the time to sit down and compose your own email messages (like me sometimes), you can find help on the Internet. Just Google “Content Writers”  “Email Writers”  “Article Writers”  “Freelance Writers”…etc.

You can also use a service called Fiverr. They have a large group of freelance writers who specialize in writing all kinds of content, including content for email autoresponders. Be careful, though, and make sure you check their ratings before hiring them. Their rates start at $5 per article.

I recently discovered a service offered by Frank Jones that actually writes the entire series of very responsive autoresponder messages for you — on more than 40 different niches. I have used them in several of my campaigns, and they are very effective.

One particular series includes a complete package of 52 pre-written autoresponder messages, a pre-written squeeze page and a free rebrandable report. He will even load them into your autoresponder and set up your squeeze page for you. You can get more information by checking out this free report.

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