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Let’s say you’ve built your list, and you currently have hundreds of subscribers. You’ve sent a few emails to your list, and you have experienced some positive response to your offers. Now what do you do?

Well, the thing to do right now is to add more subscribers to your list, and keep on sending those valuable emails out. But now you need to begin tracking your metrics. What does that mean?

Tracking your metrics means keeping track of your list-building performance in order to determine your success rate.

Tracking your metrics enables you to know for sure whether or not your emails are getting a good response rate. Not only does this measure your success,  but it also provides real statistical data from your autoresponder provider.

Here are the benefits of keeping track of your email marketing performance:

  • Real data allows you to know exactly how your campaign is performing without having to “assume” anything.
  • You will know your campaign’s conversion rate, subscription rate, open rate,  and the unsubscription rate.
  • You can effectively improve your campaign’s performance.
  • You can perform split tests on your campaign to determine which ones are performing better.

Normally, basic tracking methods are provided by many email marketing services. For example, Aweber provides you with an excellent tracking tool that measures the success of your email marketing campaign, which means you wouldn’t have to use a third-party marketing software to track your campaign.

I recommend that you don’t try to track your email campaign while in the earlier stages of building your list. For example, if you still have, say, 20 subscribers in your list, it is not that important to track your campaign. What’s more important is increasing your subscriber list.

And you shouldn’t be too obsessed with tracking of your list-building campaign. Tracking can give you valuable real-time data, but it doesn’t determine whether or not your email marketing campaign will succeed or fail.

Tracking your traffic only gives you relevant data. Your campaign’s success ultimately depends on how go about keeping your subscribers interested in the email messages you’re sending them.

A Word About Split Testing

To effectively track your email marketing performance, you should use split testing. Split testing helps you determine which variant of your email campaign is giving you the best results. You simply run two campaigns at the same time, and you will see which one is better.

After determining which one is best, you then split test that campaign with another campaign. Do this over and over until you are able to find a real winner for your campaign. Then stick with that one for a long time, and continue adding more subscribers to your list.

It’s best for any new internet marketer to split test their campaign as soon as possible, once they have reached no less than 1000 subscribers.

Using Aweber to Track Your Campaign

AWeber is the most popular email marketing service that you can use for your list building campaign. If you’re planning on using this email marketing service for your list building campaign, you don’t need any third-party tracker software to track your performance.

Tracking is very important in the internet marketing world, and fortunately AWeber does a pretty good job of doing this for you.

Aweber keeps track of the number of times your form is displayed, and shows you the percentage of conversions that come from that. This is valuable information to have, especially when you are testing multiple forms.

It’s important to keep a close watch on your list signups, and try experimenting with different forms. You’d be surprised what a difference even a small tweak can make sometimes.

AWeber  also allows you to do split testing. That means you can run multiple forms at the same time, and let rotate between them. You can then compare the conversions side-by-side to determine which one is the best.

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