Using Emails To Build Relations With Your Audience


If you want to keep your subscribers on your list, you have to make sure that you can build a good relationship with them. By sending friendly emails to them from time to time, and not just blatant promotions, you will be able to keep your audience interested in your list.

The longer you can keep your subscribers on your list, the more chance you will have to convert them into customers. Remember that making your subscribers want to purchase your products is not something that can be done instantly. You have to establish trust with your audience first, before they are willing to purchase anything from you.

A Note on Establishing Trust with Your Audience

Large companies always establish a trust relationship with their prospects using branding. Branding is a very effective method for establishing trust with your audience.

However, it is a long-term process. You can’t establish your brand in just a day or a week. You need to provide your audience years of real value if you want to establish yourself and your business.

Luckily, branding is not only for big companies. Nowadays, individuals can also establish their own personal branding. If you are a new internet marketer, you might want to establish a personal brand for yourself, so that people will recognize you as a trustworthy person.

So, how can you do this? How can you establish a personal brand for yourself? Again, the process is the same as the big companies. You have to deliver real value to your audience continuously.

No matter what products you promote, or what niche you are trying to enter, you will surely succeed if you establish your personal brand. This makes your audience to respect you, and it also makes your audience want to follow your recommendations.

Personal Branding and List Building

Building your personal brand is a long-term process that will get your audience to trust you and regard you as one of the experts in your niche. So, what can you do to achieve it?

Before you learn about ways to do it, you have to understand about what you can’t do with your list building campaign. Doing these things will ruin your reputation:

  • Promoting only your products without providing any valuable content.
  • Sending cold messages that don’t address your audience personally.
  • Never responding to your audience.
  • Sending your email messages at irregular intervals.
  • Not keeping your promises.

Now that you’ve learned what is detrimental to your reputation and your personal brand, it is time to learn about how to effectively build your personal brand. They are actually opposite of the don’ts:

  •  Sending your emails at regular intervals so your readers will know when to expect the next one.
  • Providing highly valuable information on each of your emails and over deliver.
  • Writing  a personal message with an emotional connection to your audience.
  • Always responding to your audience’s responses.

What types of content should you write in your emails, which will help you to establish your personal brand? Here are some suggestions.

Types of Content That Works for Email Marketing

  • Type #1: Send short articles to your list that contain “How To” instructions on a particular topic that they will find useful.
  • Type #2: Send out a free, 10-page report that contains a specific, focused strategy they can use. Consider including a link to one of your paid products in the report. Here’s one of my reports on email marketing that you can get free now.
  • Type #3: Send out a long ebook; and use it to link to dozens of different affiliate products.
  • Type #4: Send some news or updates related to your niche. If there’s a new product launch, let them know about it (and include an affiliate link, of course). If there’s a newsworthy event, also let them know—even if there’s no direct profit in it. It’ll give them a reason to read your newsletter carefully.
  • Type #5: Periodically, review relevant products and include an affiliate link to them in your review.
  • Type #6: Offer exclusive, list-only discounts on your various products. This will also help you to generate some quick sales.
  • Type #7: Offer links to free video content or video training courses. Remember – people love free and useful information.

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