15 Ways to Grow Your Email List

grow your email list

In my article about setting up an opt-in form, I said that when you offer some free content that is relevant would entice your reader to part with their contact info. This is very important.

Subscribers should be assured that they will derive some benefit from handing over their information. That means you should offer them something in return for their private information. In this article I’ll cover 15 ways to grow your email list.

15 Techniques to Build a Huge List

1. Specify a Date: tell your customers that the bonus is only available for a limited time. Specify the date and let them know that the offer won’t be there after this time.

2. Time’s running out: tell your subscribers that they only have x amount of minutes to subscribe. Including a timer on the page can help drive conversions even faster.

3. Sneak Preview: Inform subscribers that they’ll receive a free sample of your content if they subscribe to your list.

4. Great Deal: Tell subscribers that you will give them a coupon or a discount on one of your products or services.

5. Publish Again: Let subscribers know they can republish or reprint your content if they subscribe to your list.

6. Publish Your Content Here: Occasionally you’ll have subscribers who want to publish their articles on your site. If you let them to contribute, you’ll increase your list.

7. Reach Their Goals:  Tell subscribers what goals they can achieve with the information you’re providing.  Make sure you emphasize the way in which your content will be able to help them overcome some obstacle they may be facing.

8.  Give Prizes: Everybody loves getting something for free! Giving away prizes will certainly motivate subscribers to join you list.

9. Give Them An Option: Many people like receiving their content in a different format. Make sure you offer them a variety of formats to avoid losing prospective buyers.

10. An Influential Person: If you know a popular person who uses utilizes your products, here’s an opportunity to do some name dropping. Most people  will fee a bit more comfortable giving them your info if a person they are following is a part of your mailing list. Often they’ll assume that it must be OK if “so and so” trusts your list.

NOTE: Be sure that your “influential” person is relevant to the market you’re targeting!

11. It’s Working For Me: One method for convincing a prospective customer is to get another customer do your convincing.  Customer endorsements and testimonials always help to enhance your credibility.

12. Invite Your Friends: Offer a bonus to subscribers in exchange for their “word-of-mouth” advertising. Provide a form on your site where they can tell their friends about you and your product or service. This is sure to bring in extra subscribers.

13. Create a Waiting List: Tell your prospects that you can only accept a limited number of subscribers right now, and that once they reach that limit, you will have to place others on your waiting list. This might give them an incentive to sign up right away.

14. I Want Feedback:  Give subscribers the option to voice their own opinions. This will help them see that that you truly value their opinion. And it puts your list on a more “personal” level.

15. Limited Time For FREE:  Letting subscribers know that you’ll be charging a fee in the future will give them that sense of urgency for subscribing right now.

Remember This…

Make sure you remind subscribers that their information will be kept private. Keep in mind that your subscribers’ personal information is to be shared with you and you ONLY.  Don’t share contact information with anyone at any time.

If you’re wondering what to write in your emails, remember to always keep it relevant. If you’re a web designer, you should provide only content that pertains to to web design. If you sell natural remedies, you should only provide content that is related to that.

Create Demand With Third Party Platforms

You might know someone who uses social media to promote traffic to their list. This is a great method for luring people from your social media followers into becoming your subscribers.

You can utilize call-to-action buttons on your profile to link to your list opt-in form. You can also design ads that drive traffic to your opt-in form. Never underestimate the power of social media!

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