Why You Need An Email List For Your Business– No Matter What You’re Selling


It’s a fact. You, and anyone else who’s involved in Internet marketing, must have a list. It’s just that simple. It’s practically impossible to succeed in Internet marketing without list building. That’s because they go hand in hand!

An email list is vitally important to the success of any business. And when used properly, it becomes the heart and soul of all your Internet marketing efforts. To be brutally frank, if you don’t have a list, you are only hurting yourself and killing your prospect of ever succeeding in any online business.

A list brings sales and money, and without one, you’re missing out on many opportunities to make money. However, you may still be in doubt as to why you should invest your time and resources into building a list.

Well, let me briefly examine a few truths about consumer behavior.

How Consumers Behave

Research shows that potential customers may not turn into conversions on the first encounter. They might show some interest in your product or service, but sometimes they are not able to make a buying decision at that particular moment.

This might be because they’re not yet prepared to buy your product or service due to a variety of factors, including:

  • They’re out of money at the time
  • They don’t have enough information about the product or service
  • They don’t trust in the brand

You have to understand that consumers who encounter your brand for the first time might be at different stages in the sales funnel. And that will certainly influence their purchasing decision.

Also, because there are so many products and services available on the Internet, people often take time to compare the various offerings before taking action. But that doesn’t mean that there is no hope for a future sale… unless, of course, you don’t have  a way to get in touch with them again!

You’re Losing Money If You Don’t Have a List

A list supplies you with your prospects’ contact information. When you obtain contact info, you are now able to stay in touch with those who have already shown an interest in your product or service.

And these are the prospects who could be only one interaction away that first sale!

If you don’t have a list, you are letting your competition become more appealing than you… as they continue to surf the Net.

Your list allows you to keep in touch with prospects who have already shown an interest in your goods.  And this allows you to send them an occasional friendly “follow-up” which could move them one step closer to making a purchasing decision.

What Does A List Do For Your Business?

A mailing list can also help you keep in touch and maintain a relationship with your current customers. If you’re on any company’s mailing list, consider how you would interact personally with these products or services by being on their mailing lists.

Here’s three things that companies generally use lists for:

  • They send you custom offers based on your past interests and purchases
  • They sometimes remind you of purchases that you have left in yo
  • They inquire about your interest in and upcoming event

In any event, they’re keeping in touch in order to know what’s on your mind. And if they do a good enough job, you will be purchasing more of their products and services! And that’s why marketing to repeat clients is one of the best tactics for driving repeat sales.

You are mission out on a lot of money if you’re not implementing an effective marketing strategy that includes building and using an email list.

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