Writing Attention-Grabbing Subject Lines For Your Emails and Web Content

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What’s a subject line? Simply stated, a subject line is the title of your email. It’s the first thing readers will see when they read your email. They will see the subject line even before they read the content of your email. If you have an attention-grabbing subject line, your email content will be read.

If it’s not interesting, they will delete or ignore your message. It’s that simple.

So, it’s vitally important for you to write a subject line that will make your audience want to read your email.

That’s not an easy thing to do.

Think about the volume of emails that your audience is receiving every day. Will your email stand out and build enough curiosity that will invite them to click on it?

In writing effective subject lines, the goal should be simple

It is to make your subject line stand out on your audience’s inbox, which should build curiosity for them to read your email.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when writing attention-grabbing subject lines:

  • Use power words like “Shocking”, “Amazing”, “Easily”, “Miracle”, etc.
  • Highlight important words with uppercase letters.
  • Ask a question to your audience.
  • Create a sense of mystery that can only be answered after reading your email.

Remember that the only goal for you in writing attention-grabbing subject lines is to make your email recipients to open your email. There is no other goal. You are not promoting your product in your subject lines. You will do the promotion only within the email, with your call to action.

So don’t concern yourself to promote your product yet. Concern yourself only to make your audience pay attention to your email, instead of any other emails in their inbox, and click on your subject line right away.

Offering Value to Your Audience

You need to give your audience a reason to read your email. People will only do something if they have a strong reason to do it. So, you have to write your subject line with this knowledge in mind. Write your subject line by offering real value to your audience. Give your audience a glimpse of what they will learn when they open your email. Another way to add value to your audience is to structure your email in such a way that it holds your readers’ undivided attention while establishing a lasting relationship.

Give Them a Sense of “Urgency”

Don’t allow your audience to procrastinate on reading your email. Make them want to read your email right away by adding a sense of urgency in your subject line.

Give some kind of deadline for them to read your email, and then let them know that they will lose an important opportunity if they don’t read your email right away. A sense of urgency is known to be a good call to action for any promotion.

Giving a New Knowledge

Most people are tired to read the same old recycled information over and over again. By giving them a glimpse of new knowledge, you will be able to raise their curiosity and make them want to read your email right away. This also helps you when it comes to building relations with your audience.

If the information that you offer to your audience is not freely available elsewhere other than your email, you have higher chances they will read it quickly.

As with subject lines, writing a headline for your email is also an important thing to do. There is one thing that you can do to create a strong headline for your email.

Psychological Triggers

One important element you will want to include in your headline is at least one psychological trigger. If you’re not familiar with the term—it’s basically any word or phrase that will compel many people to pay attention or take action.

Psychological triggers are useful because they stick out and because they draw in a reader before they have the chance to lose interest.

As mentioned earlier, “free” is a reliable psychological trigger that is frequently used to induce people to try products and join mailing lists.

There are also other psychological triggers. For instance, “scientifically proven,” “tested,” “powerful,” “explosive,” and “immediate” are all terms that will make your prospects read your headline.

So if your current headline seems flat, consider re-writing it to include some psychological triggers. And once you start sending traffic to your opt-in page, consider rotating the triggers to see how they affect your conversion rate.

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